Get help with hard money loans and private money alternatives that Fannie and Freddie are turning away. At Bad Credit Mortgage Refinance we offer that offers loans and credit lines to borrowers with poor credit.

Need help finding mortgages for people with bad credit?

Get cash quickly for hard money and 2nd mortgages with bad credit.

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Find lenders for Refinancing, Hard Money Loans, bad credit mortgage refinance and now FHA Home Loans. Now you can consolidate your debts into one low monthly payment. Talk with a finance expert today and see if you meet the standards of bad credit mortgages.

Fixed Rates Offer Financial Security
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- No Mortgage Insurance
- Cash Back Options
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Second Mortgage with Bad Credit & Hard Money Loans

If you have less than perfect credit and some equity in your home you may be a good candidate for a hard money 2nd mortgage. The Bad Credit Mortgage Refinance Company continues to assist people in finding hard money and private money lending as a financing option for borrowers with fico scores under 500. B.C.M.R. is your source for hard money loans with cash out second mortgage options, subprime refinancing and consolidation. We have put together a network of leading 2nd mortgage and hard money Lenders across the nation. Shop lending opportunities on 2nd mortgages for bad credit.

Hard Money Mortgage

Shop lenders for flexible credit guidelines for hard money 2nd mortgages with competitive second mortgage rates in 49 states. Get more details on home equity and 2nd mortgage programs that can be created to meet your specific needs. If you have low credit scores, find out why BCMR is popular for bad credit equity loans.

Does it make sense to consolidate high payment loans, high rate credit, and high interest personal loans into one easy payment? Do you qualify for a bad credit 2nd mortgage and will it save you money? Talk to professionals that can help you determine whether a cash out refinance or second mortgage is best for your financial situation.

Learn more about hard money loan programs that the traditional lenders will not offer.

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Hard Money 2nd Mortgage Loans & Private Lending

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BCMR will help you search for a solution to refinance or consolidate debt. A second mortgage loan with a fixed rate is a great way for increasing monthly savings. Find out if you meet the standards for an equity mortgage and if it will truly lower your monthly obligations.

Consider a 2nd mortgage refinance that may be able to consolidate multiple, high-interest credit cards and loan payments into one, lower monthly payment. Find out from 2nd mortgage lenders if you qualify.

You can a save lot of money every month that can convert into a healthy savings for you over the years!

Did you know that Finance House Repairs and Rehabilitation can help increase the value of your property in some instances? Talk to a representative about a bad credit 2nd mortgage to finance home improvements and construction.

  • No application fee or annual fees on home equity lines with poor credit.
  • No Credit Checks on Quotes for bad credit 2nd mortgages.
  • Our Notaries will come to you for signing final loan documents.
  • Tax Advantages for all mortgage interest up to 100% of your home's value.

*Your Loan approval is subject to submitting an application to the mortgage lender verification of income, employment, assets and other information like obtaining an acceptable property.

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How to Refinance a Home Equity Loan with Bad Credit

This is not an advertisement for credit with respect to a second mortgage or a hard money loan. Please see participating companies for rates, terms and eligibility. BCMR does not make 2nd mortgage loans, but we will help you locate lenders that do offer private money equity loans, rehabilitation loans, and second mortgages for all types of credit.

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